Collective from Bahia launches social network on collaborative learning

The social network is created to facilitate the communication and collaboration of Desabafo Social and other collectives


Taking the opportunity of the Human Rights Day, on December 10th, Desabafo Social promotes its newest social network: Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an idiomatic expression of Zulu language that means “I am because we are”. Based on the belief that we are more if we are united (as a unit), Desabafo introduces this collaborative network with the aim of connecting people, occupying spaces and establishing a relationship network that focuses on human rights, especially on social and political participation.

For a year and a half, the Inspiration Director and founder of Desabafo Social, Monique Evelle, went about the streets of Salvador on her own, speaking of the Human Rights to whoever would listen. The situation changed when she followed an advice and decided to turn the project into a network. “We know that the situation of many other projects is not easy. There is lack of communication, synergy and means for these projects to grow. Ubuntu is born to reduce such difficulties, by creating collaborative spaces”, explains Monique

We invite all of you who are interested in debating Education, Communication, Race Relations, Childhood and Youth Rights, Gender and other topics, to participate in Ubuntu. Users may be able to use the platform to administrate the activities of their own projects and initiatives. Besides, we will create an environment for volunteers to get to know the projects and take part on those in which they feel interest.

The spaces are available to create, in a collaborative way, working methodologies, to manage projects and to communicate fast and easily.



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